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Just like a speaker, a writer is considered an expert.

Writing gives you high visibility, which as a consultant, especially looking for work, is ideal.

There are many things you can write or “author” which will give you credibility and visibility as a consultant.

Articles work well and there are plenty of places to put them online (LinkedIn Articles, Medium, Peerlyst, and of course any Web site/blog you may have).

I was speaking with Steve Pavlina yesterday, a fellow geek like me who now writes in the personal development space. His blog had a couple MILLION readers a month. In particular we were discussing an article he wrote as a joke called “10 Reasons You Should Never Get a Job.” It is still getting massive traffic over a decade later.

Some things you write and put online may give you visibility for many years and that is great!

An email newsletter is far from obsolete and you can also post the newsletter online multiple places.

Although absolutely unnecessary, the credibility a commercially published book gives you is amazing. The book can even suck – clients and potential clients will still be impressed!

I am not a natural born writer at all, but writing is a learned skill and you can learn to write reasonably well like I did.

Writing gives you credibility and visibility, two things that are essential for a consultant!