Infosec Consulting: 5 Ways to find Clients

Consulting is a dream for many: the freedom, the money, the influence …

For example, in my first year consulting I more than doubled my salary and made over six figures. US$100,000 is worth about $192,000 today so I’ll claim I was very successful immediately as many consultants are.

I also took off a fair amount of time, far more than the silly 2 weeks of vacation most Americans get. I had fun, I did a lot of very cool things professionally, I learned a lot, and found as a consultant people paid MUCH more attention to me than when I was an employee!

There is also the reality. As a consultant, other than the example where you work for a consulting firm (in which case you are an employee), you are running a business! You NEED to spend time running the business!

And you NEED clients! Here are 5 sources of clients.

  1. The Simplest Clients to Acquire
  2. Ask “Where Else can I Provide Value?”
  3. A Technique Anyone can use Regardless of Experience
  4. A ______ is Considered an Instant Expert and has High Visibility
  5. All Consultants Should be doing this (and you already know how)